Teachers' has a new look

January 07, 2013

Have you noticed our new look? We recently revamped www.otpp.com. What does this redesign mean for you?

Some of the exciting changes include:

  • A clear delineation for working members, and retired members of the plan. You can now find information that's relevant to you quicker and easier.
  • An updated look and feel. The design is highly visual, modern and easy to navigate.

While the site has been revitalized, there are still some key factors that remain the same:

  • Our content. All of the resources and information that you have come to rely upon are still accessible online. Forms and fact sheets can be found in our Member Reference Library. For general information about the plan, click through to the Members section, and use the left-hand navigation bar to explore topics .
  • iAccess Web, our secure member website. You can still navigate toiAccess Web's login page by clicking the Member Sign-In button on the upper right-hand corner of each page, the same way you did before.