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Teachers’ Venture Growth (TVG)

Late-stage venture and growth equity investments in cutting-edge technology companies

Our strategy

At Teachers' Venture Growth (TVG), we invest directly in innovative, late-stage companies (Series B onward) that are using technology to shape a better future. As active investors, we partner with founders and management teams to provide global expertise, resources and guidance, rolling up our sleeves to support them in fulfilling their bold visions. We prefer to lead rounds but will also participate alongside like-minded partners. TVG also selectively invests indirectly through fund commitments to some of the world’s leading venture capital and growth equity firms. We invest across North America, Europe and Asia.

Net investments of


as of December 31, 2023

Initial direct investment range of


Dedicated team of


global investment professionals

A long-term direct investment approach

As part of one of the world’s largest pension plans, we take great pride in our responsibility to provide retirement security for more than 340,000 teachers across Ontario. Because we pay pensions over multiple decades, we bring a long-term perspective to investing. Our capital can be flexible and grow with the needs of our portfolio companies. We don’t have a cap on how much we can invest or limits on how long we can invest. We have the resources and expertise to guide our portfolio companies to become generational businesses. We have a proven, global track record backed by 30+ years of expertise across asset classes and C$247.5 billion in net assets.

Our portfolio

Our global portfolio spans multiple sectors and stages. As part of Ontario Teachers' large, diversified portfolio, Teachers' Venture Growth can provide unique strategic partnerships and platforms, and cross-over support capabilities for companies looking to go public.

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