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Our plan

We administer a defined benefit pension plan that provides lifetime pensions to teachers across Ontario. Our plan needs to provide sustainable long-term returns and best-in-class governance practices to ensure we deliver on our promise to our members.


We need to build on our assets to pay future pensions to our members.

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Our plan benefits from strong Board oversight that nurtures the plan’s growth and investments.

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Plan oversight

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Joint sponsorship

The plan is a joint sponsorship arrangement between the Ontario government through the Minister of Education and the executive of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation. This gives members and the government shared responsibility for funding the pension plan.

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Lifetime pensions

The plan provides a lifetime pension to Ontario’s active and retired teachers, and their survivors. It also provides benefits if members die, become disabled or permanently leave teaching before retirement.

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Board oversight

Board members are required to act independently of both the plan sponsors and management and to make decisions in the best interests of all beneficiaries of the pension plan.