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Changing a spousal relationship

Your pension is one of your greatest assets. When a spousal relationship breakdown occurs, the division of this valuable asset is neither mandatory nor automatic.


The Family Law Statute Amendment Act  streamlines the pension division process and helps ease the financial burden for couples facing the end of their relationship.

The rules for the valuation and division of pension assets following a spousal relationship breakdown are regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA). FSRA has a guide which may help you through this process, Pensions and Marriage Breakdown – a Guide for Members and their Spouses. This guide provides an overview of valuing and dividing members’ pensions upon marriage breakdown.

Both working and retired members are required to complete several family law forms for a Statement of Family Law Value.

Steps to take

The application process and settlement method depend on whether you’re a working member or a retired member at your Family Law Valuation (FLV) date.


A spouse from a marriage or common-law relationship that began after you started receiving your pension isn’t eligible for the division of your pension.