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Capital Markets

The face of the fund to global public markets.

Stock market and finance economic with city background


managed assets


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Our capital markets group invests in public equities, fixed income securities, currency, commodities and derivatives in markets around the world.

Driving efficiency and different sources of return for the fund

In complex markets, we access efficient global market exposures, execute public market

trades and deliver value-added total return and diversification.

Value Add

Specialized expertise to deliver idiosyncratic exposures and value-added returns.


Focused and efficient exposures with sophisticated instruments that support designed asset mix to target the desired total fund risk level.

Global Trading

Efficient and cost-effective execution across global markets.

Key areas of focus

Quantitative Strategy & Research

We use proprietary, algorithm-driven models to power fully systematic and scalable trading models to a broad range of liquid asset classes (including equities, futures and over-the-counter markets).

Developed Market Rates & FX

We use a combination of top-down and bottom-up strategies across fixed income and foreign exchange in developed markets.


Our innovative passive completion capabilities serve the total fund in managing over $100 billion in assets to deliver product design, monitoring and efficient implementation of the asset mix. Through process improvement, cost optimization, and innovation in passive products, our capabilities are a critical enabler of the fund's investment plan.

Global Trading

Our comprehensive capital markets trading capabilities serve all our asset groups and regions, helping to minimize costs and provide a distinct competitive advantage. With $3.5 trillion notional across 36 currencies traded in 2020, our operations are truly global.

Our leadership

Gillian Brown

Senior Managing Director, Capital Markets

Gillian Brown leads the Capital Markets group, which manages Total Fund exposure to the equity, fixed income, credit, inflation-sensitive and absolute return asset classes. The Capital Markets team supports all of Ontario Teachers' investment groups and is responsible for executing on a centralized trade strategy that allows the Fund to focus on the needs of today's more sophisticated trading environment and its increasing regulatory complexity.

Delivering different sources of returns

We play an integral role in helping the fund achieve its growth and global ambitions.

Meet our team