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Questions about Bill 124? Visit our News section and Bill 124 FAQs in both the working members and retired members sections.

Learn about re-employment

If you’re thinking about returning for a victory lap as a supply teacher, take some time to get to know the re-employment rules.

You may even consider pausing your pension one day and returning to work full time. If you want to contribute to your pension again and have it recalculated, you can’t have any previous re-employment service. You must notify us before you return to work in education in any capacity, even occasional or supply work. Keep this in mind as you plan for retirement. 

Don’t shake on it, yet

If you’re considering re-employment, you can’t make the arrangements while you’re still working. To avoid jeopardizing your pension start date, you have to wait to accept any re-employment until after your pension starts.

There’s a limit

You can work directly or indirectly for a participating employer for 50 days in each school year without interrupting your pension.

If you reach the limit, you can work until the end of the month in which you exceed the limit.  If you continue to work after the month in which you exceed the limit, contact us. It’s your responsibility to let us know. We’ll suspend your pension until either you stop working or when the next school year starts. 

If you don’t notify us in time to suspend your pension, we’ll collect the overpayment, plus interest.

You need to keep track

It’s up to you to track the number of days you work and notify us if you intend to work after the month in which you exceed the limit. Your employer will report your service to us, but it’s ultimately up to you to keep track. 

Volunteer work may count

Re-employment rules may apply, even if you don't get paid for your work. Not sure?  Contact us.

If you have any doubts about what constitutes re-employment or what rules apply, please contact us to find out. 

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