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Investing to make a mark

At Ontario Teachers’ we invest to deliver outstanding service and retirement security for our members while leaving a lasting, positive impact on the world.

Significant scale with


in net assets

Funding ratio of


Investing for


working and retired teachers

As one of the largest pension plans in the world, we invest strategically across key markets and sectors to deliver steady returns.

An Educated Perspective

Investing in India’s infrastructure to boost economic growth

Only 3 percent of India’s roads are modern and efficient. According to one study, poor road conditions cost the Indian economy more than $20 billion a year from delays and additional fuel consumption. We’re helping to make India’s roads more efficient with our investment in toll roads.


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Building better businesses and a better world

We don’t just invest to make a return; we invest to make a mark. Across our portfolio we help businesses become more profitable and sustainable.

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A dynamic, purpose-based company.

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