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Corporate Affairs

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What we do

We’re a team of professionals – lawyers, compliance experts, communicators, designers and pension law and policy advisors. We’re all quick-witted thinkers that manage relationships with key internal and external stakeholders. Some of us are storytellers; others offer strategic council and advice.

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How we’re organized

  • Compliance is more than following relevant laws and regulations in our industry. We protect the reputation of Ontario Teachers’ by identifying, investigating and managing regulatory compliance risks issues before they happen.

  • We’re dedicated storytellers and creative thinkers. We look for opportunities to connect, inform and inspire our audiences – inside and out. We’re equally committed to protecting the reputation of our brand. Most of us are writers, designers, brand experts, digital strategists and PR professionals.

  • We manage the interactions with all governments on a global basis.  We're an international, multi-lingual and diverse team with decades of experience in government. We maintain the integrity of Ontario Teachers’ reputation with government, supporting the entire organization. This includes direct advocacy on legislative and regulatory matters, identifying opportunities for government-linked deal origination and value creation, advising on political and geopolitical risk and providing executive and board-level support.  

  • Our team helps protect our organization’s reputation by mitigating legal, investment and operations risks with every transaction we do, including public and private investments, pension regulation, employment matters, litigation and commercial matters.

As a member of the Corporate Affairs team, I feel very engaged with my work. My team is always supportive of my efforts and I truly feel like a valued team member.

Andrea Wong (she/her),
External Communications Specialist, Marketing & Communications

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