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Natural Resources

We invest in the base materials that power economies, promote digitization and feed populations. We help the companies we invest in grow, and help the world to become more sustainable too.

Apple orchard looking out into the sunset

Diversified portfolio that generates long-term returns

We have built a diversified portfolio of private natural resource investments in energy, metals, timberland, agriculture and aquaculture, and natural climate solutions. Our investments provide the fund with commodity-linked cash flows, inflation protection and diversification.

A global portfolio

We make direct private equity investments in natural resource businesses around the world. We target assets which are at, or near, production, with positive cash flow generation to gain direct exposure to underlying commodity prices.

Our growing portfolio is diversified by region with investments in the U.S., Canada, Peru, Chile, New Zealand and Australia. We also consider investment opportunities in other countries with attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Investing in long-term partnerships

We work with businesses and families to create long-term value. As experienced operators and active owners, we help companies grow and maximize their value. At its core, we roll up our sleeves and help our businesses succeed.

Sustainability informs our long-term thinking

We believe leadership involves agility, flexibility and innovation – especially in the face of climate transition. We explore a number of sustainable solutions, including regenerative farming, alternatives to harvesting timberland, investing in copper – an essential metal for electrification – and exploring “blue carbon”, to name just a few initiatives.

A selection of investments

Aerial view of cultivated agricultural fields with new farming technology

Vayda Farms

Vayda Farms is making the regenerative future of farming available today. By combining regenerative principles and a high-tech approach, the company is focused on facilitating the reversal of climate change, while rebuilding natural ecosystems and feeding people with healthier food.

Close up shot of Seafood Mussels

Atlantic Aqua Farms

Atlantic Aqua Farms is the largest grower and processor of high quality Prince Edward Island blue mussels under the brand names Canadian Cove and J.P.'s Shellfish, and also offers a wide selection of branded oysters, clams, and live Maine and Canadian lobster.

A picture displaying Stack of wood logs.

Timberland Assets

Across our timberland assets in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand, we're looking to use timber as a source of carbon credits while looking at other natural climate solutions to improve agricultural methods.

Experienced operators

We invest in long-term relationships and cultivate
best-in-class partnerships.

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