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Sun over green plants

Our impact

Focusing on and increasing the positive environmental and social benefits of our activities plays a critical role in protecting long-term value and delivering on our pension promise.

We are committed to making a positive impact as an investor, owner and employer as we believe this is aligned to creating value. Focusing on the positive impact we can have is an important business driver for us. It supports:

  • Talent attraction and retention
    Doing our part to address global challenges supports talent attraction and retention with purpose, an increasingly sought-after attribute in an employer.
  • Competitive advantage
    Supports our position as a partner of choice. We have observed that founders, management teams and partners increasingly want to be supported by purpose-driven capital, supporting deal flow.
  • Long-term value protection
    Contributing to solutions that address major global challenges relevant to our business supports us in meeting our long-term obligations.

Driving positive environmental and social impact

Playing a role in addressing some of the more pressing environmental and social challenges facing the world supports our ability to create long-term value and delivers attractive returns. Our efforts are aligned to two key themes:

An enterprise-wide approach to making a positive to impact

We have a long history as a purpose-driven, long-term-oriented investor and employer, and we continue to deepen our approach to pursuing and measuring the positive impact we can have through our investment, operational and employee-led community giving activities. Our efforts are aligned by three strategic pillars:

How we invest

Harnessing our investment capital and stewardship to create value and make a real-world impact

How we operate

Making an impact through our operations


How we give back

Leveraging our people to make a community impact