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Sustainable investing

As an allocator of capital, a builder of businesses and an active, engaged investor, we believe generating sustainable returns relies on a sustainable foundation.

Across our portfolio, we seek to invest in and cultivate businesses effecting positive change, where feasible, alongside a compelling return. We do this because we believe companies with best-in-class sustainability credentials are best-prepared to succeed in an environment marked by increasing complexity and uncertainty.

Through our investment activities, we have three primary levers through which we can generate both value and a positive impact:

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1. Seeking and creating best-in-class portfolio companies

Our approach to sustainable investing is rooted in the belief that a company’s effectiveness in managing sustainability-related risks and opportunities is a key determinant of their long-term success and profitability. Integrating sustainability-related risks and opportunities into our investment decisions and overarching investment strategy helps us make good investments today, while also managing the impacts on the world around us and for future generations.

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2. Using our influence as a voice for change towards sustainability goals

Our aim is to be an active and good steward of the companies we own. Discussions with boards and management teams can provide insights into how companies are managing sustainability-related risks and opportunities, and this can change behaviours and inform our own research and analysis. Our engagement strategy calls for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timebound objectives, with progress monitored on an ongoing basis.

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3. Pursuing and measuring positive impact through formalizing an impact investing strategy

Businesses that innovate to address social and environmental challenges while also creating value for their stakeholders will be well-positioned to thrive.

We are developing a formalized framework for impact investing to further enhance our positive impact. This framework will guide how we intentionally pursue and measure the positive impact these businesses are achieving on one of our two key themes: (1)Advancing environmental action; and (2) Leveling the playing field.

Feature report

2023 Annual Report

Read about our commitment to sustainable investing, including 2023 advances we've made on our climate strategy and commitment to reach net zero by 2050, as well as how we’re using our voice to drive change across our private and public portfolio companies.


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2024 Green Bond Report

Green bonds allow us to access capital to support the much-needed investments to transition towards a sustainable future. 


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Defining environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors

ESG factors can materially impact the value of an investment. They include:

Working with others to make a difference

We use our influence as a global investor to create a supportive and sustainable business environment.