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Our unique governance structure is a key reason for our success. At the heart of our model is a strong, independent Board that ensures we run like a business. Equally important is our joint sponsorship arrangement that gives members and the government shared responsibility for funding the pension plan.

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Strong stewardship and leadership

We believe good governance is good business because it helps companies deliver long-term shareholder value. As a plan administrator, we measure ourselves against best practices for governance, internal controls, risk management and stewardship to ensure we deliver long-term value to our members.

Sponsor’s role

The pension plan is jointly sponsored by the Ontario government, through the Minister of Education, and the executive of the Ontario Teachers' Federation (OTF). The OTF represents teachers, while the government represents employers. Together, OTF and the government ensure the plan remains appropriately funded to pay pension benefits, and decide:

  • The contribution rate paid by working teachers (and matched by the government and designated employers)
  • The benefits that members will receive, including inflation protection
  • How to address any funding shortfall or apply any surplus

Board’s role

Our Board, appointed by OTF and the government, oversees the management of Ontario Teachers’. Board members are required to:

  • Act independently of both the plan sponsors and management
  • Make decisions in the best interests of all plan beneficiaries

Learn about the Board

Jo Taylor, President and CEO, Ontario Teachers'

Management’s role

Day-to-day investment management and plan administration is delegated to the President & CEO and his staff.

Management has two main responsibilities:

  • Invest plan assets to help pay pensions
  • Administer the plan and pay pension benefits to members and their survivors

Management sets long-term investment and service strategies that take member demographics and economic, investment and market risks into account.

No employee sits on the Board or its committees.

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