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Our advantage

To us, it takes more than capital. It’s the ongoing investment that goes along with it. It's being there through market highs and market lows and everything in between.

How we're investing to make a mark

We help turn the businesses of today into cleaner, more conscientious businesses of tomorrow. From airports and agriculture to utilities and real estate, explore our news and insights section to see how we invest to make a mark.

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Our competitive advantage

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Agile and innovative investors

We are agile, innovative investors who bring deep in-house expertise and flexible, responsive teams to make fast, transparent decisions that deliver stable returns.

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Deep, specialized expertise

We have extensive knowledge, deep and specialized expertise and networks in our core sector, sub-sector and geographic focus areas.

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Total-fund approach

We take a total-fund approach that harnesses the breadth and depth of our insights and networks across asset classes and regions to bring our full fund to bear.

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Making a lasting positive impact

We are progressive thinkers who keep a sharp focus on targeted impact areas. We seek long-term sustainable growth through investments that drive positive outcomes.

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Long-term value creation

We have expert teams focused on long-term value creation within our portfolio – particularly in private assets – to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns.

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Koru: Adding value through innovation

With Koru we're helping our portfolio companies create, test and build proprietary technologies and new innovative digital businesses.

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Our investment beliefs

One global team

In a word, we're global. We use the full range of our international capabilities to bear in the investment decisions we make.

Total-fund approach

We look at the total fund and share capital across asset groups and portfolios to optimize returns.

Long-term view

We take a long-term view by combining our expertise in bottom-up asset management with a top-down approach to risk and portfolio construction.

Calculated risk

We continually advance our risk culture with sophisticated tools and processes that support risk measurement and management.

Our total-fund approach

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We believe that total fund diversification – by asset class, geography, style, time horizons and economic outcomes – can mitigate risk and enhance returns over time.

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Risk management

Taking risk is central to earning the returns to keep our pension fully funded. We prudently and actively manage risk to ensure a healthy balance of risk and reward.

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Active management

We engage in active management to capture opportunity where our research, partnerships, operational experience and local presence gives us an edge.

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Prudent use of leverage

We prudently use leverage to help achieve consistent returns for our members and manage our overall risk profile and liquidity.