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A strategic, long-term plan

We have set a new, multi-year strategy to help us grow globally, and make bigger, bolder bets in private markets around the world.

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Our purpose:

We invest to shape a better future

We want to help create a better future for the people, places and communities we touch. Whether that’s investing in new technologies or helping a company become more sustainable, we believe performance and purpose go hand in hand.

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Our mission:

Deliver outstanding service and retirement security for our members

We all remember that teacher who guided us. The one who took an interest in our interests. The one who believed in us more than we believed in ourselves. They did more than teach us. They paved the path for our future and we’re doing our part to protect theirs.

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Our vision:

Be a trailblazer: Bold. Ambitious. Global.

Our multi-year vision focuses on harnessing our trailblazing roots to deliver a bold, ambitious plan that will set Ontario Teachers' apart from our peers.

Three core strategies to guide our efforts

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We’re focused on delivering long-term growth and performance to remain fully-funded.

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We believe we have an opportunity to create a lasting, positive impact on the world.

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We’re creating a culture of experimentation, empowerment and entrepreneurship.

One team. One set of shared values.

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We celebrate our differences and bring our whole selves to work.

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We move quickly and constantly evolve.

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We pursue excellence and work with a shared purpose.

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We take risks and challenge the status quo.

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We love to learn and explore the unknown.