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Instagrid: A portable off-grid power solution

Instagrid One
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The company

Instagrid, a European climate tech company headquartered in Germany, is providing an alternative to off-grid power solutions with its innovative battery technology. Founded by former Bosch executives Sebastian Berning and Andreas Sedlmayr, Instagrid addresses the limitations of traditional power sources in remote areas or grid-limited environments, such as construction sites and outdoor events. 

The system’s disruptive technology offers portable, high-performance battery systems that rival diesel generators while lowering operating costs, maintenance costs and emissions. Engineered by rebuilding the battery pack from the ground up to include sophisticated power electronics and a novel system of multi-level micro inverters, its market-leading peak power performance powers anything with a plug.

Instagrid batteries

The opportunity

In 2024, we led a $95mn (€95m) Series C investment in the European climate tech company through Teachers’ Venture Growth (TVG). We were attracted to Instagrid’s long-term growth potential and environmental benefits because the company’s battery system solves a big problem in off-grid power, offering a cleaner, more efficient option compared to traditional generators. It also offered a clear value proposition and proven market success, with a track record of doubling revenues and building strong customer relationships.

Instagrid’s thoughtful approach to scale-up was also a key factor to why we invested. Instagrid’s products are designed with scaled production in mind from day one and the business has established a strong and robust supply chain to support its growth ambitions.

The OTPP difference

As a global investor with presence across five continents and many years of experience in helping companies grow in new markets, Ontario Teachers’ is well-placed to help fuel expansion into North America, as well as connect Instagrid with our portfolio companies in real estate, infrastructure and other target sectors. Together, we’re helping to reshape the off-grid power landscape and unlock opportunities that drive both long-term returns and environmental impact.

Instagrid is using game changing technology to create lasting value for the industry. Eliminating the monolithic inverter allows for a novel system of software and power electronics. This makes Instagrid products drastically smaller, lighter and more powerful than other systems.

Kieran Mahanty
Director, Teachers’ Venture Growth
Kieran Mahanty

Instagrid’s results

  • Instagrid is one of Europe’s fastest growing companies with demonstrated commercial traction across Europe*.
  • From day one, Instagrid has prioritized long-term profitability, strategically investing in scalable production, global expansion and substantial R&D efforts. This proactive approach helps to position the company for success in tackling off-grid power challenges worldwide.
  • According to an EU-funded study, the lifecycle CO2 emissions of an Instagrid ONE max battery are only 13% of the lifecycle CO2 emissions of a gasoline generator and only 8% of a diesel generator, reducing the total greenhouse gas emissions by 97%. 
  • Customers such as Red Cross and Skanska are driving repeat purchases and word-of-mouth referrals.