Teachers' service ranked #1 in North America and the world

July 10, 2012

Third time's a charm!

CEM Benchmarking has given Teachers' pension service top rank among international and North American pension systems.

CEM Benchmarking Inc. is an independent research firm that annually measures the performance of leading pension plans from around the world.

The report is based on 2011 data and compares Teachers' results within:

  • a peer group containing 12 systems from North America; and
  • an overall group containing 40 systems from North America and Europe.

This is the third time we have earned the #1 spot among our North American peers, and the second time we've ranked #1 overall.

Our Member Services team received top grades when compared with our peers in the following areas: member statements; pension estimates; newsletters; website; phone calls; and satisfaction surveying.

"This recognition reinforces the commitment we have to delivering superior service," says Rosemarie McClean, Senior Vice-President, Member Services. "It serves as great motivation to continue to enhance and improve the personalized service we offer our members."