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Questions about Bill 124? Visit our News section and Bill 124 FAQs in both the working members and retired members sections.

Bill 124: Overview and what's next

Bill 124 capped salary increases for public sector workers to one per cent a year for three years. Following various orders and agreements relating to Bill 124, retroactive salary increases are being paid and reported for impacted members.

Working through Bill 124 changes is a top priority. Rest assured, we’ll be reviewing our records and where applicable, will adjust pensions retroactively, with interest. However, this will take some time due to the complexity of the process and volume of adjustments. We ask for your patience as we work through them all.

Understanding the process

The process to complete all changes related to Bill 124 is a complicated one with a lot of moving parts.

We rely on employers to provide us with accurate and timely data. However, the accuracy and timing of this data will vary from employer to employer. This means that some of you will see the adjustments sooner or later than others. 

Retroactive payment process

Step 1 – Ministry of Education provides funding to employers

Step 2 – Employers make payments to employees impacted by Bill 124

Step 3 – Employers provide required information to us

Step 4 – We process retroactive salary increases and pension recalculations where applicable 

By the numbers

The administration of Bill 124 retroactive salary increases for eligible members involves significant effort, representing more than five times the volume of updates we typically process each year. We anticipate changes and challenges along the way while we review and process files for:  

  • +160,000 working members with benefit service within the retroactive period 
  • +22,000 pensions put into pay within the retroactive period 

Timeline: What to expect next

We’re aiming to complete all the work by the summer of 2025, with steady progress starting in the fall of 2024. This will take some time because the high volume of adjustments, on top of our regular service commitments, is unprecedented. 

Still working?

There's nothing you need to do, we'll update your service record once we receive and process the required information.

Planning to retire or already applied?

Whether you’re still thinking about retiring this year, or recently submitted your application, we’ve got you covered! If applicable, we’ll adjust your pension once we receive and process the required information.

Already retired?

We’ll be informing you directly if your pension changes due to Bill 124 retroactive salary increases.

If you’re an eligible pensioner and your address or other important details have changed since you retired, ensure your former employer has your current address and other important details. They may need to reach you with additional information. 

Check FAQs for additional information and updates

Keep an eye on our Bill 124 FAQs online in both the working members and retired members sections.

Our contact centre won’t have any further information to share with you at this time, so there’s no need to call.

Stay tuned!

When you sign in to your account, it may not yet include Bill 124 retroactive salary increases because we may still be waiting for your employer to report the data to us. Once we receive it, we’ll start working on it.