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Techem: Delivering energy-efficient real estate

The investment: In 2018, we formed a consortium to acquire Techem, a leading global energy management and service provider for residential and commercial buildings

Energy cost allocation is an innovative method to help to facilitate a transition to a low-carbon economy.

Techem is helping to reduce energy consumption by providing energy efficiency solutions and digital technology that allows consumers to understand the amount of energy and water they are using. Techem’s devices and services have resulted in a 20 per cent reduction in individual energy consumption.

Based in Germany, Techem provides energy efficiency solutions to almost 12 million apartments in 19 countries around the world. Through its services, the company prevents around 8.7 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions every year.

Our investment in Techem helps to fund the company’s growth in domestic and international markets whilst introducing new technologies to enhance the customer experience on its existing platform.

“Both companies, Ontario Teachers' and Techem, have a common goal: to shape a better future for coming generations. This provides a very good starting position to move Techem forward. Ontario Teachers' operational expertise has contributed a lot in recent years to achieve what Techem is today – one of the leading service partners for green and smart buildings.”

Matthias Hartmann, CEO