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Tamarack Timberlands

Harvesting the benefits of large-scale managed forests

Tamarack Timberlands

The construction sector can contribute to a better built environment in part by sourcing wood from sustainably managed forests. Because trees pull carbon out of the atmosphere and store it through photosynthesis, sustainably managed forests act as carbon sinks. That carbon remains sequestered in construction-related wood products long after the trees are harvested.

Through Tamarack Timberlands, Ontario Teachers’ owns 870,000 acres of Loblolly pine forests across eight states in the southeastern U.S. Tamarack’s portfolio is managed according to Sustainable Forestry Initiative® standards by our partner, Resource Management Service, an independent company that manages timber holdings on behalf of institutional investors.

The SFI® is a North American non-profit organization that works across the supply chain to promote healthy forests. By adhering to its standards, RMS ensures Tamarack’s forests are harvested with long-term sustainability in mind. That includes quickly replanting harvested areas and promoting biodiversity and smart water use. It also means working to reduce chemical inputs and the risks posed by pests and wildfires. 

According to our estimates, Tamarack forests stored about 75 million tonnes of CO2 at the end of 2021.

"Ontario Teachers’ natural resources portfolio includes certified sustainable forests focused on providing timber. But a responsible, sustainable and long-term approach to forestry has value beyond timber production. The Tamarack assets provide Ontario Teachers’ with stable and robust cash yields as well as long-term capital appreciation, while also acting as a natural store of carbon to help mitigate the impacts of climate change." 

Christopher Metrakos, Senior Managing Director,
Ontario Teachers'