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Investing to make a mark

We bring long-term thinking and active investing to help build better businesses and a better world.

Investing to build a better future

We don’t just invest to make a return; we invest to make a mark. Across our portfolio, we help businesses become more profitable and more sustainable.

Investing in sustainable plastics

Our portfolio company Logoplaste, produces more than 10 billion containers annually to hold some of the world’s best known-household consumer products, such as ketchup, yogurt and milk. Together, we’re making plastic packaging more sustainable.

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Solar panels fields on the green hills

Investing to deliver returns and economic growth

Investing in renewable energy is a key part of our plan to help decarbonize the global economy. In 2015, we partnered to establish Cubico Sustainable Investments, a renewable infrastructure company that has grown to 121 assets across 12 countries. Our joint ownership of Cubico has enabled us to meet the challenge of achieving both meaningful scale and the investment returns required for long-term investors.

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Electrical engineer while working laptop

Investing in sustainable energy

As energy use increases and the climate crisis accelerates, access to reliable, sustainable electricity will be vital to our future. In Finland, we're working with Caruna to facilitate the move to electric energy and pave the way for the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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