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Quantitative Strategy & Research

The Quantitative Strategy & Research team is an innovation-driven group within Capital Markets at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. They manage a broad and diversified portfolio, built using quantitative models.

What we offer

We are Quantitative Strategies and Research (QSR), an innovation-driven team in Capital Markets.

We manage an internal portfolio spanning asset classes in public markets (e.g., equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, commodities, and others) and help the Total Fund build enhanced beta portfolios.

Our approach is systematic - we methodically build investment strategies that provide the best return on risk, and we test these strategies rigorously through time using a scientific approach. The breadth of strategies we run across asset classes, investment styles, and time horizons makes our portfolio unique.

Our educational backgrounds are varied and reflect the diversity of opinions and thoughts in the team. We are all passionate about using tools like data science, statistics, and technology to help us understand what drives markets.


Using research skills to explore and build new investment strategies

Our Capital Markets group offers comprehensive capabilities in markets around the world.

Meet our team