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Cadillac Fairview contributes to our net-zero journey

Cadillac Fairview (CF) shares our commitment to supporting the transition to net zero and has an industry-leading approach to reducing its environmental footprint. Guided by its purpose, Transforming Communities for a Vibrant Tomorrow, and in response to the growing urgency on climate change, CF recently announced its commitment to achieve net-zero emissions in its real estate portfolio by 2050. CF’s net-zero commitment strives for an interim 35% target in emissions reduction by 2030 (against a 2017 baseline) in addition to the 56% reduction already achieved since 2008.

Through innovative award-winning sustainability programs, CF continues pioneering ways to take real action on climate change and resource protection with a clear focus on carbon, energy, water, waste management and responsible procurement. Their efforts have led to a fully Green certified portfolio, and reduced emissions, energy water and waste.

To achieve these net-zero commitments, CF properties integrate sustainability into how they operate their buildings. For example, in 2021, CF installed 1,900 solar panels on the roof of the CF Chinook Centre, a shopping complex located in Calgary, expecting to generate one million kWh/year to be used on-site and by neighbouring consumers. To further optimize building operations within its portfolio, CF has leveraged artificial intelligence on its building automation systems, weather, and cost data to conserve energy and reduce operational carbon emissions. This innovative technology has been deployed at CF Lime Ridge (a shopping complex in Hamilton, Ontario) and Simcoe Place (an office complex in Toronto) and CF is planning on equipping more properties to deliver further savings and help meet the company’s climate action goals.

Beyond conserving energy, in 2021 CF successfully launched its first Low-Waste Sorting Station in Ontario, building on the years of success in Western Canada, and an award winning program. CF Lime Ridge in Hamilton, implemented this state-of-the-art technology to effectively divert food and packaging waste from landfills. The installation is a proactive response to combating waste ahead of the Ontario organics landfill bans in 2022-2023 and the Canada Zero Plastic Waste ban in 2030.

“Sustainability is part of who we are at Cadillac Fairview. Setting renewed targets is an important step towards advancing our industry leading approach inspired by the evolving and critical needs and values of the world today. At CF, we are making clear our commitment to our communities and the future of our planet.”

Karen Jalon, Vice President, Sustainability, Energy & Smart Technology
Cadillac Fairview

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