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Your re-employment reminders

October 03, 2018

If you’ve been re-employed on what would be considered a full-time schedule since the school year started, then chances are you’re getting close to hitting your limit.

We put together some reminders to make sure you keep your pension on track. 

Reminder #1:

If you reach the limit, you can work until the end of the month in which you exceed the limit.

If you continue to work after the month in which you exceed the limit, let us know and we’ll suspend your pension. You can call our Member Hotline (1-800-668-0105) and a Pension Benefits Specialist will discuss your options with you.

If you continue to work and continue to collect your pension, we’ll collect the overpayment, plus interest.

Reminder #2:

It’s on you to track the number of days you work. Your employer will report your service to us, but it’s ultimately up to you to keep track. 

Reminder #3:

Re-employment rules may apply, even if you don’t get paid for your work. If you’re unsure if the work you’re doing counts towards your re-employment limit, even volunteer work, then call our Member Hotline (1-800-668-0105).

Reminder #4:

If you helped set up a classroom in August, that day could count towards the current school year. Make sure to ask your employer which school year your August work days fall under (calendars vary).