Get your docs in a row

March 04, 2015

This is it. You've signed in to your secure Teachers' account and have used the pension calculator time and time again. Now you're ready to hit "Apply now" and take the first step towards your retirement.

But wait – before you proceed, let's take a moment to make sure that you have everything on hand to make your pension application as smooth as possible. Here are the documents we'll need to pay your pension. You can upload them directly when you apply for your pension in your secure Teachers' account, or you can mail or fax us copies.

  • Proof of your birthdate (birth certificate, Ontario driver's licence or Canadian passport);
  • Proof of marital status (marriage certificate or statutory declaration of common-law relationship);
  • Married or common-law spouse's birth certificate;
  • Separation agreement or divorce certificate (if applicable); and
  • CPP Notice of Entitlement or Notice of Denial (if you're receiving or have applied for a CPP disability pension).

Bonus Tip: We will also need to know where to deposit your pension. Have a void cheque handy so that you can give us the details we'll need to set up your direct deposit.

Now that you have your docs in a row, sign in to your secure Teachers' account now to start your application!