Updates to Worklog helps re-employed pensioners stay on track

February 20, 2014

If you're retired and considering a return to work, make sure to try Worklog, our mobile app released last year.

Available as a free download for your iPhone andAndroid devices, Worklog is a simple and easy way to help you keep track of your days anywhere and anytime, right on your mobile device.

Domenic DiGiacomo and Tobi Gordon are just two of the over 1,000 re-employed pensioners using Worklog…

Domenic has been retired for the past five years but continues to do consulting work in mathematics for the Peel District School Board. "I keep track of my re-employment days on an Excel document that I created on my computer, but I use Worklog as a reinforcement tool to make sure the two systems coincide." Domenic adds: "Worklog is handy because it is right on my phone. It is very convenient, not to mention clear and easy to use."

Tobi has been retired for the past three years and is now an occasional teacher for the Toronto District School Board. "As soon as I get a call for a job, I enter it in Worklog. I also use it to keep track of when I'm paid by cross-referencing the dates on the app with the dates on the cheques for accuracy. Once everything checks out, I go on to the app and click off that I've been paid." Tobi adds: "It's simple to use and doesn't do more than it needs. It's a lovely program that keeps you on track."

Under current re-employment rules, the onus is on you (the pensioner) to keep track of the number of days you work, which can be up to 50 days per school year. If you exceed the 50-day limit and continue to work in education the following month, you're required to call us so that we can suspend your pension until you're finished working.

How can you download Worklog?

Worklog is available as a free download for Android and iOS devices through Google Play and the App Store. Watch this video to help get you started using

Check out the latest enhancements to Worklog:

  • Calendar integration – you can now sync your added work days that you populated on Worklog with the default calendar on your mobile device or tablet.
  • Assignment durations – increments of one quarter, one third and three quarters have been added as options to better track your work days.
  • School year archive – Worklog now automatically archives all of your data, so you can keep track of your history and start fresh at the beginning of each school year.
  • Notifications – the new message feature will notify you of helpful tips and reminders related to the app and keeping track of your class time.
  • Easy scrolling feature – store the names of as many schools and teachers into your app, so you can easily find them when making a new entry.