Teachers' app tracks re-employment

August 16, 2013

Teachers' is launching its first mobile application. Worklog, available for iPhone on the App Store, allows our re-employed members to track the number of days they've worked.

This launch into the mobile app space marks a major step in the continuous evolution of our service to members.

"The decision to develop a mobile app for our members came after careful consideration," says Tracy Abel, Vice-President, Member Services. "We wanted to create something that would enhance the service we offer our members. The re-employment rules are complex. We've created a simple tool that will help them navigate those rules and stay on track."

Why did we go mobile?

Roughly 70% of Canadians use mobile devices. Of those, 97% use their mobile phone at home, and 83% use mobile on the go. The vast majority of these mobile users, about 80%, are using smartphones.*

How does it work?

Under current re-employment rules, the onus is on you to keep track of the number of days you work. If you exceed the 50-day limit and continue to work in education the following month, you're required to call us so that we can suspend your pension until you're finished working.

Worklog does not report re-employment service to Teachers' or employers. It's solely intended for your personal use to allow you to keep track of the number of days you've worked. But, you will get reminders once you approach and exceed your limit, prompting you to call us.