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Benefit Appeal Process

You can appeal decisions made by our staff about your entitlement to, or the amount of, a pension benefit. To learn more about how the appeal process works, read Your Guide to Benefit Appeals. If you decide to file an appeal, you’ll need to complete a Benefit appeal hearing request form.

This Guide is just a summary of the appeal process. The Rules of Practice and Procedure for Appeals govern appeals to the Benefits Adjudication Committee (BAC). The BAC considers and decides on appeals about pension benefits provided under the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. The BAC doesn't have the ability to:

  • award payments or benefits that aren’t in accordance with plan terms and applicable legislation (including the Pension Benefits Act (Ontario) and the Income Tax Act (Canada)); or
  • pay “damages” or other discretionary amounts, including those based on personal circumstances.

Please refer to these Rules for further information governing the BAC appeal process. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between this Guide and the Rules of Practice and Procedure for Appeals, the Rules prevail.

A hearing before the BAC is an adversarial process. This means a person appealing our decisions puts forward arguments and reasons why they’re entitled to benefits under the terms of the plan. We’ll defend the decision made and ask the BAC deny the appeal.