Your Rights and Obligations

As a member of the plan, you have certain rights and obligations.


You are entitled to:

  • Receive pension information
  • Know when and how often you should receive this information
  • Know how to access your pension information
  • Appeal decisions made about your pension benefit

For a detailed list of the information you are entitled to receive and review, and how you can access it, please visit the Financial Service Commission of Ontario's (FSCO) website.

Appeal process

To learn more about how you can appeal decisions made by our staff about your entitlement to, or the amount of, a pension benefit, read Your Guide to Benefit Appeals.

You can also contact FSCO directly with your concerns at any time (FSCO regulates pension standards for Ontario registered pension plans). However, FSCO typically expects members to try to resolve any complaints with us first, and will contact us for response to the dispute. Please visit FSCO's website for general information about inquiries and complaints for pension plan beneficiaries and details on their complaint process.


You have certain obligations, including:

  • Informing us of a change in your name, beneficiary designation and spousal relationship
  • Informing us of any change in your contact information, including your mailing address, telephone number and email address
  • Reviewing the content of your pension statements and notifying us if any information appears incorrect