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Method/Agreement Description Deadlines/Notes
Major Ontario Pension Plans (MOPPs) Transfer Agreement Covers several Ontario public-sector pension plans, including those serving provincial government, hospital and municipal government employees
  • No more than 18 months between jobs
  • Must apply within 6 months of when you start teaching in Ontario
Interprovincial Transfer Agreement Covers the Canadian Teachers' Federation and teachers' pension plans in every province
  • Apply any time before you retire
  • To qualify, you need 20 days of (full or partial) credit in Ontario Teachers' after you terminate membership in your other plan
Buying credit for "other employment" May allow you to purchase credit in Ontario Teachers' for service with another registered Canadian pension plan, if you can't transfer under the MOPPs or interprovincial agreements
  • Apply any time before you retire
  • You pay the full cost of the expected increase in your pension