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If you have funds in another defined benefit pension plan, you may be able to transfer them into the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan.

We have special transfer agreements with other major pension plans that allow you to transfer your pension credit into or out of our plan. Deadlines and other eligibility requirements apply.

Transfer agreements make it relatively easy to consolidate pension benefits in a single plan. This consolidation could allow you to retire sooner or with a larger pension because in the pension world, the whole is generally larger than the sum of the parts. Plan differences such as early retirement provisions, benefit formulas, inflation adjustments and differences in salary can make the actuarial value of your pension differ from plan to plan. Take the time to thoroughly research your options.

We have transfer agreements with:

  • the Canadian Teachers' Federation and teachers' pension plans in every province; and
  • other major plans in Ontario.

If you can't transfer your pension funds under these agreements, you may qualify to buy back credit in Ontario Teachers' for the time you belonged to another one of these registered pension plans.

Contact us if you want to explore transferring funds.