When a Buyback is Unnecessary

There is no need to buy back credit in the following situations because your pension benefits continue to accumulate seamlessly during your absence:

Short absences

Beginning September 1, 2014, your employer continues to deduct pension contributions from your pay for absences that span five or fewer consecutive school days. These paid and unpaid days off may be for things like personal days, religious holidays or if you run out of sick days and need more time off. 

Legal strikes

Your pension credit is not affected during a legal strike or lockout. Your employer reports a loss of salary, but not your absence. This means you do not lose credit during a strike. If a strike occurs in one of your "best-five" years, you or your federation can make up the pension contributions for the loss in salary.

Deferred salary leaves

Your employer continues to deduct pension contributions from your pay while you are on a deferred salary leave, sometimes known as an "x over y" plan.

Reduced workload

If you move from full-time to part-time work, you're not entitled to purchase credit for the reduced work you are no longer doing. You can buy back credit for time away only if your absence is a continuous period during which you do not work.