Taking time off to study, travel or stay home with your newborn? Whatever the reason, if you take a leave of absence, you may be eligible to buy back credit for the time you're away.

Your credit is the actual time (years, months and days) you have contributed to your pension. Missing a year's credit now means one less year of credit when calculating your pension. The more credit you accumulate, the greater your pension.

Buying back credit is a good idea. We almost always recommend to our members that they try to do so.

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In this section

What You Need to Do

Once you've made your decision, take three steps to buy back your leave.

Benefits of Buying Back

You can improve your pension and earliest possible retirement date.

Cost of Buying Back

Learn how we determine the cost of your buyback.

What You Can Buy Back

Find out what's eligible, and when it's not necessary to buy back.

How to Buy Back

Flexible payment options include using cash, transferring your RRSPs or a combination of the two.

Tax Implications

Learn why telling us your plans is so important when buying back credit.


You have five years to complete payment for most buybacks.