Know Your Re-employment Limit

You can work directly or indirectly for a participating employer for 50 days in each school year you work following retirement without interrupting your pension.

Failure to report

Under the Teachers' Pension Act, you must record the number of days worked in education. You are obligated to supply the details of your return to work in circumstances where we require additional information. If you fail to provide this information within a reasonable time after it's requested, your pension will be suspended. Any pension payments you weren't entitled to receive must be returned, with interest.

For more information, find out what counts and review our examples. If you're still unsure, contact us.

Use Worklog, our mobile app, to keep track of your re-employment days and avoid a pension suspension. Simply record days worked and we'll let you know when you're getting close to the 50-day re-employment limit.

Worklog is free and available for download on Google Play and on the App Store.