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What Counts

Teaching isn't the only type of work that counts as re-employment. For plan purposes, your work after retirement is subject to re-employment limits if you:

  • Work in any capacity for:
    • a school board in Ontario;
    • a designated private school;
    • a designated organization; or
    • the Ministry of Education*.
  • Work as a teacher (includes, but is not limited to, tutor, guidance counsellor, librarian, vice-principal, principal or other supervisory officer positions)
    • under an authorized exchange program;
    • for an Ontario government ministry; or
    • for the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.
  • Work as a volunteer and you're entitled to compensation (including gifts or honorariums) for the position or activity (applies even if you don't accept payment to which you're entitled).

*If you work, or have worked, in a non-teaching capacity for the Ministry of Education, contact us to determine how re-employment rules affect you.

Not hired by a school? Check out what counts if you're self-employed or hired through a third party. If you're still not sure, contact us.

Working for more than a year

You can choose to have your pension recalculated to include the additional credit you accumulate while re-employed only if you:

  • return to work for a participating employer, for the first time after Dec. 31, 2008;
  • notify us of your intention to recalculate before your first day of re-employment; and
  • will work for the equivalent of a year or more.

You'll become an active, contributing member of the plan while you're re-employed.

When you retire again, we'll recalculate your pension with the additional credit, based on pension rules in effect at the time. While this will usually result in a higher pension, in rare circumstances it can lower benefits for you or your survivors. Before you decide to contribute immediately upon your return to work, contact us for information on the implications of your decision.

Disability pensions and re-employment

If you're receiving a disability pension and return to work, you can also choose to have your pension recalculated. To be eligible, the same rules above apply except for how long you must work. 

To have your pension recalculated, you must work for the equivalent of two years or more.

If you plan to return to work, notify us immediately so we can stop your disability pension.