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How much tax do you deduct from my monthly Ontario Teachers' pension?

The tax we deduct varies, based on government requirements and the information you provided, either at retirement or after. When calculating your deductions, we assume that your Ontario Teachers' pension is your only source of income and that you qualify for the Basic Personal Exemption, unless you tell us otherwise (by submitting a TD1). Government tax tables can change as often as every six months. If a change affects your pension, we'll notify you.

You can review or increase the amount of tax deducted from your Ontario Teachers' pension by signing in to your Ontario Teachers' account.

Where can I get a duplicate T4A?

Your T4A slip will come in the same envelope as your January deposit advice slip. You can also get a duplicate online through the Document Centre or ask for a copy by phone, letter or e-mail.

Do I have to pay tax on my re-employment income?

Re-employment income is taxable income. Your employer will remit tax on your behalf and you'll receive a T4 slip which you must claim.