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Four Months Before Your Pension Starts

To ensure you don't lose any pension payments, we encourage you to apply for your pension before you resign with your employer. If you apply after your resignation date, you may lose pension payments.

You can apply for your pension up to four months before your retirement date. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible within that timeframe. 

Once we have all of the information we need, it'll take us around two weeks to process your application.

If we can't process your application on time, we'll pay retroactively, with interest. Remember, the earliest you can choose to start your pension is the month after your resignation date.

Sign in to your online account and check for alerts. These alerts may be outstanding buybacks or documents we'll need from you to process your pension application.

 You can upload documents directly to your Document Centre. 

Review your personal pension information

  1. Review your service record for completeness and opportunities to buy back or transfer service.
  2. Update your profile to make sure everything is accurate.
  3. Use the pension calculator to confirm your estimated pension.
  4. Check you have uploaded all required documents through your Document Centre.

Tell your employer about your retirement

Be sure to submit your letter of resignation to your employer before your intended retirement date. You must terminate employment with your employer to receive your pension.

The resignation date on your pension application must be the same date you include in your resignation letter. A resignation is considered valid only if:

  • your employer confirms acceptance of your resignation without condition;
  • no arrangement has been made to return to work in education; and
  • you have either received or arrangements have been made to pay any applicable gratuity.

Decide whether you want supplementary medical coverage

While some employers extend health benefits to their retired employees, three independent organizations provide this kind of coverage to pensioners. Contact them directly for information on available options:

Apply online for your pension

If you are planning on retiring in June, you can apply for your pension as early as March of that year. It takes only six easy steps:

  1. Tell us when you want to start receiving your pension.
  2. Review your personal information and make any necessary changes.
  3. Answer a few simple benefit-related questions.
  4. Tell us where to deposit your pension.
    Be sure to have your bank account information ready or upload a void cheque to your Document Centre.
  5. Review your application before you submit it.
  6. Print a copy of your application for your records.

Follow the rules of re-employment

If you plan on working after retirement, your arrangement to return to work in education must be made after your pension starts.

Informing the Ontario College of Teachers

If you want to be listed as "Retired" on the Ontario College of Teachers' public register, you can complete and return its Notice of Retirement form.

For more information, please contact the Ontario College of Teachers directly.