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Your Designated Beneficiary

Every active member of the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan should designate a beneficiary. This ensures your benefits are paid according to your wishes, should you die before you receive your first pension payment without an eligible spouse. 

You can designate a beneficiary to receive the lump-sum payment representing the commuted value of your pension. If you have a dependent child, the lump sum for your beneficiary will be reduced by the value of the survivor pension to your dependent child. 


A designated beneficiary is eligible only if you do not have an eligible spouse and death occurs before you receive your first pension payment.

If you have an eligible child when you die, we will deduct the value of the child's survivor pension from the commuted value of your pension first, and refund the remainder to your beneficiary or your estate.

Naming a beneficiary is important, but equally important is reviewing your beneficiary designation on a regular basis.

To designate or review your beneficiary, update your profile.