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Step 4: Apply to Ontario Teachers' for a Division of Pension in Pay

This step only applies if you're using your pension to settle an equalization obligation.

Your former spouse must apply to us directly.

Here's how to apply:

  1. Complete the Application to Divide a Retired Member's Pension (FSCO* Form 6). (Instructions and Q&As)
  2. Select a division of pension option (listed in Part E of your Statement of Family Law Value).
  3. Include the finalized court order, arbitration award, or separation agreement, which should clearly indicate the amount of each pension installment your former spouse is entitled to, and all other required documents with the application.

* FSCO has been replaced by FSRA (Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario). We’ll refer to these as FSCO forms until FSRA issues new forms.

Ontario Teachers' divides and adjusts your pension as outlined in the finalized court order, arbitration award, or separation agreement upon receiving the completed application with all required documents.