If you need to value your pension for the calculation of net family property, apply to Ontario Teachers' for a Statement of Family Law Value. There is no need to hire an external actuary.

As you have already received your first pension payment, the division of pension is the only settlement option available to you and your spouse, if you choose to settle your equalization obligation with your pension.

You're required to complete several family law forms to calculate the value of your pension and divide it should you decide to do so. We've provided the links to each of the forms, as well as their Instructions and Q&As, in our step-by-step instructions in this section of the website and in our Member Reference Library. You can also visit www.fsco.gov.on.ca/en/pensions/Family-Law/Pages/familylawforms.aspx to obtain the FSCO forms and detailed instructions.

When completing the application process, please note:

  • We don't charge a fee for calculating your Family Law Value (Step 1).
  • We only require copies of supporting documentation, they don't need to be certified.

Here's how to complete the Pension Plan Information section (Part A or B) of all forms:

Providing a pension to a new spouse

Once your settlement agreement has been signed and submitted to us, you are eligible to provide a survivor pension to a new spouse. Please note:

  • We must receive your Direction for a Survivor Pension form (page 4) within 90 days from your marriage or common-law relationship date. If not, you will be required to undergo a medical examination to prove you're in good health for your age.
  • Your pension will be permanently reduced to pay for your new spouse's survivor pension.

To see how providing a survivor pension to your new spouse can affect your pension, please review the Survivor Pensions after Retirement fact sheet and refer to the actuarial tables in the subsection entitled "Cost of the survivor pension".