We engage with the companies we invest in to promote change and nurture success.

We engage to protect and create value. Engagement gives us better insights into how companies are managing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks and opportunities, and we use that information to integrate ESG into our investment process.

We engage to learn and share. We share new knowledge from our engagement activities across our organization, and with the companies we invest in, so the entire portfolio benefits.

We have four types of engagements:

  • Theme-driven: focused on ESG issues that are the most material to our plan.
  • Event-driven: determined by an ESG-related incident or corporate transaction.
  • Proxy Vote-driven: when we’re deciding how to vote our proxies or as a follow-up to a vote. Visit Governance and Voting to learn more about our corporate governance principles and how they guide our proxy voting.
  • Collaborative: there is strength in numbers, so we collaborate with other investors or external managers when we have aligned goals. We also collaborate with the industry and policy-makers when an issue affects different sectors. You can read more about this under Influence.

See select engagement examples.

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