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Koru is Ontario Teachers’ captive venture incubator that brings a start-up methodology to our Private Equity and Infrastructure Portfolio Companies. It partners with our portfolio companies to generate ideas, validate concepts and build and scale new businesses. Koru operates as an independent subsidiary of Ontario Teachers’.

Europe, Middle East and Africa


Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport, located in the Midlands near the city of Birmingham, is one of the UK's premier regional airports.

Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport, located 13km away from central Bristol, is the principal international airport in the South West of England.

Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport, the principal airport in Belgium, is a key gateway for business and leisure travelers and an important hub for Star Alliance.


Caruna is the largest electricity distribution system operator (“DSO”) in Finland, responsible for electricity distribution, network upgrades, and maintenance in its operating areas in the South, Southwest and West Finland.

Copenhagen Airports

Copenhagen Airports is the largest airport in Scandinavia, serving as a both a natural Scandinavian hub and as a point of origin and destination.

Galaxy Pipelines

Galaxy Pipelines is a natural gas transmission network, connecting the world’s 7th largest gas reserves to the UAE’s power generation plants and local industries.

London City Airport

London City Airport is the fifth busiest airport the London area, serving over 4.3 million passengers annually.

Scotia Gas Networks

SGN (Scotia Gas Networks) is the UK's second largest gas distribution company.

Società Gasdotti Italia

Società Gasdotti Italia is the largest independent gas transmission operator in Italy, with a 1,700-kilometre high pressure pipeline network transporting natural gas to key industrial and urban centres.


Westerleigh owns 22 crematoria across the UK and is the second largest private crematorium operator in the country. Westerleigh Group is the leading developer and operator of crematoria and cemeteries in the UK caring for over 30,000 funerals a year.

Latin America


Arco Norte

Arco Norte Arco Norte is a 224km toll road that serves as a transportation link in the central Mexico region.


Essbio is an integrated water company that provides drinking water production and distribution, and waste water collection and treatment services.


Esval, including its wholly owned subsidiary Aguas del Valle, is an integrated water company that provides drinking water production and distribution, and waste water collection and treatment services.


Nuevosur is an integrated water company that provides drinking water production and distribution, and waste water collection and treatment services.


SAESA is a vertically integrated group of electricity generation, transmission and distribution companies in Chile.

North America and Asia-Pacific



Enwave is a fully integrated district energy business that is sustainably solving the cooling, heating and power needs of municipalities, communities and campuses across North America.

Global Container Terminals

Chicago Skyway is a 12.5km toll road providing a critical link between downtown Chicago and communities in eastern Illinois and Northwest Indiana.

Chicago Skyway

Global Container Terminals (GCT) operates four container terminals strategically located in the Ports of Vancouver, New York and New Jersey.

Sydney Desalination Plant

Sydney Desalination Plant (SDP), located in Sydney, Australia, is one of the largest desalination plants in the world.

Greenfield & Renewables


Anbaric Development Partners is a leader in the development of clean energy transmission and microgrid projects. The company is headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts and has a track record of leadership in developing competitively selected High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission projects.

Cubico Sustainable Investments

Cubico Sustainable Investments manages and invests in renewable energy assets globally. They are currently operating in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and Uruguay.

Natural Resources Portfolio


Heritage Royalty

Heritage Royalty, headquartered in Calgary, is a leading oil and gas royalty company with 4.8 million acres of mineral fee title lands and other royalty interests on 0.5 million acres.

Heritage Royalty

GRP Energy, based in Dallas, TX, acquires and manages oil and gas mineral rights in the U.S.


Aroona Farms

BaseCore Metals, actively pursues investment opportunities in the mining sector, focusing primarily on base metals streams and royalties. The company seeks to build strong, long term partnerships with mining companies and provide them with sector expertise, operating and technical skills alongside access to capital and bespoke financing solutions. BaseCore Metals is a 50:50 partnership between Ontario Teachers' and Glencore Canada Corporation and operates as an independent entity.


Aroona Farms

Aroona Farms, headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, is a large grower of almonds that operates two properties in the states of Victoria and South Australia.

Aroona Farms

Atlantic Aqua Farms is the largest grower and processor of high quality Prince Edward Island blue mussels under the brand names Canadian Cove and J.P.'s Shellfish, and also offers a wide selection of branded oysters, clams, and live Maine and Canadian lobster.

Aroona Farms

AustOn Corporation is based in Melbourne and responsible for management and oversight of agriculture assets in Australia.

US Farm Trust

Goldcrest Farm, acquires and manages high quality row crop farmland throughout the US.

US Farm Trust

Jasper Farms, is a grower of avocados located in Busselton, Western Australia.

Woodspur Farms

Woodspur Farms is the largest organic date grower in the United States, with date palms located across California and Arizona. Woodspur produces whole and processed date products including diced dates, powders, and syrups.



OTPPNZ, operates 35,000 hectares of timberland properties in the Central North Island region of New Zealand. The company produces pine logs for the domestic and export markets.


Dale Burgess
  • Senior Managing Director, Infrastructure & Natural Resources