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CD Finance: Creating a better future for rural residents

The investment: In 2021, we participated in a financing round for CD Finance.

CD Finance is changing the way agribusiness owners invest in their fields, farms and collective futures.

The company uses technology to provide convenient, safe and reliable microfinance services for customers in rural areas across China. These services not only address underserved markets, but also help local residents start sustainable businesses, grow their income and create a better future for their families and local community.

In tandem with China's economic development in rural areas, CD Finance has helped alleviate poverty and build a sustainable future for agricultural communities. Since 2008, their efforts have assisted over seven million people.

Our investment will support CD Finance's mission to create a better future for people living in rural populations. With our backing, the company will expand the breadth and depth of services offered to rural residents, improve technology, increase cloud services and expand access to start-up capital - all with the intention of improving life for millions of deserving people in rural communities, today and tomorrow.

A multi-year strategy to deliver a long-term promise