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Gearing up for your moment

February 26, 2019

You’ve worked your entire career for this moment, and just like any championship, you’ll need to prepare for retirement.

You want to make sure you’re warmed up and in great shape before the main event.

We see about 3,000 teachers retire every June. If you’re planning on being one of them, then the earliest you can apply for your July pension is in March.

Whether you’re one month or a few years away, you'll need to prepare before hitting “submit” on your pension application. Think of this prep time as your pre-season.

The warm-up

Over the course of a season, players get hurt, traded and sent up and down to the minor leagues. Throughout your career we’re betting you experienced a few shake-ups along the way too. Maybe you got married, divorced, had a baby or your spouse died?

Upload your documents

It’s important that your profile in your Ontario Teachers’ online account is up-to-date to reflect any of these changes in your life.

Visit your Document Centre and check to see what you may need to add to your profile, so that we can pay your pension.

Upload your documents directly to the Document Centre anytime.

Update your email address and personal info

Take a look at your profile under Your Pension in your online account.

Do we have your current personal email address on file? You likely won’t have access to your school board email account after you retire. Is your mailing address and phone number up to date? Has there been a change in your marital status? You can update these at any point during your career.

Pay for eligible leaves

Check to see if you have any eligible leaves from the past five years. Sign in to your online account and visit the Buyback Centre to see if there is a leave you can pay for, and the impact it'll have on your retirement.

Understand how CPP works with your pension

You're probably wondering when you should start collecting from the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). Everyone's situation is unique, and you should consult a professional financial advisor to help you with that decision.

We provide a bridge benefit, which is intended to supplement your retirement income until age 65 when you're eligible for an unreduced CPP pension. You'll receive this bridge benefit regardless of when you collect CPP. The month after you turn 65, or immediately if you start a CPP disability pension, the bridge benefit ends and your pension is adjusted.

Old Age Security has no impact on your Ontario Teachers' pension.

Taking care of your loved ones

Your loved ones are your biggest supporters and have cheered you on throughout your teaching career.

When you apply for your pension, if you have an eligible spouse you’ll be asked to confirm a survivor pension level.

Almost half of retirees opt for the default 60% survivor pension level, and more than a third choose to lower it to 50%. If you choose to lower your survivor pension below 60%, we’ll need a waiver form signed by you and your spouse before you retire.

Your pension will be reduced slightly to provide for a survivor pension higher than 50%. Once you apply for your pension, if you selected 55% or higher, the reduction to your pension is permanent, even if your spouse dies before you.

Consider the 10-year pension guarantee option. If you die before collecting 10 years’ worth of pension payments, this option provides 100% of your CPP-adjusted pension to your eligible spouse for the balance of the 10 years at a minimal cost.

Game time

The surge of excitement that comes as you approach that monumental moment won’t pay your bills.

Have a cheque handy

To set up the direct deposit for your pension, have your financial institution’s information and your bank account number handy when you apply. You can find all of the information we’ll need on a cheque.


You can apply for your pension before you resign. Don't worry about us informing your employer of your resignation. Unless you are receiving long-term income protection benefits, or currently on a leave, we will not contact your employer.

To ensure you don't lose any pension payments, make sure you give your employer a resignation letter before your resignation date. The resignation date on your pension application must be the same date you include in your resignation letter.

Apply for your pension

When you're ready, don't forget to hit "submit" when you apply for your pension. You can work through the pension application at your own pace, but we won't start processing your application until the final buzzer sounds when you hit "submit." You should apply for your pension before the month in which you want to start receiving it.


Capturing the ultimate prize is one thing, but you want to enjoy your post-career too.

Supplementary medical coverage

While we don’t offer health and dental coverage, some employers extend health coverage to pensioners. If your employer doesn’t, or you wish to shop around, there are three independent organizations who also extend this type of coverage. They’re ARM Retiree Health Insurance Plan, The Retired Teachers of Ontario, and Ontario Teachers’ Insurance Plan. Contact them directly for details and to arrange for coverage.

Re-employment rules

If you're thinking about returning for a victory lap as a supply teacher, know the re-employment rules.

You can teach until the end of the month in which you exceed your 50-day limit without affecting your pension. So, if you hit your 50th day of re-employment on January 31, and you worked on February 1, you could work until the end of February.

If you decide to keep working after February, let us know. We'll suspend your pension until either you stop working, or when the next school year starts.

Stay social

Consider the social implications of retirement. Keep in touch with us and your colleagues through Facebook and subscribe to YouTube. You’ll be able to connect with colleagues and get tips from fellow retirees on adjusting to retirement.