Already collecting CPP...

April 08, 2019

If you opted to collect a reduced Canada Pension Plan (CPP) pension, here are three things you need to know when you turn 65:

  1. Your bridge benefit ends the month after your 65th birthday and you’ll notice a decrease in your total pension income. Check out the formula we use to calculate it. 
  2. To see the current value of your bridge benefit, sign in to your online account. Click Pension Payments, and then select Pension Summary. We also include it on your Retired Member Statement (you receive this each year in spring). Keep in mind this amount doesn’t include any future inflation adjustments.
  3. You’ll be eligible to collect Old Age Security (OAS), which should help to offset the decrease to your pension. 

Need more information? Explore You and CPP.

If you have questions about CPP or OAS, contact them directly.