Filling in your blanks

February 28, 2018

Are you starting your career as a supply teacher? You’re not alone. Roughly 1-in-5 of our members under the age of 30 are occasional teachers. 

We’ve been listening to new teachers, just like you. We know you’re hustling from job to job and navigating new schools. We’re not top of mind right now, but we’ve got some more tips and tricks that may just prove to be aces up your sleeve as you begin your career. 

Whether it’s day-to-day supply teaching, an LTO or a combination of the two, you get pension credit for any time you spend working for an employer who participates in our plan.

You’ll probably take on some unexpected jobs in these first years, whether it's teaching gym class or racing from school to school. You may even end up teaching for more than one school board. We can't tell you which footwear is best, but we do know you’ll keep building pension credit, no matter which board you work for. Even some independent schools participate in the plan. 

Even when the kids push you to your limit, know that you build credit in the plan for any time you spent teaching for an employer who participates in the plan. Dust yourself off and move on. You’ve got this.