Something new for pensioners

May 30, 2017

Sign in to your online account to update your address, email, phone or banking information. View your Retired Member Statement in the Documents section of your account.

The Retired Member Statement is an annual snapshot of your pension benefits, just like the annual statements you used to receive before you retired. Don’t worry, the only thing you have to do is update your personal information if it’s changed.

3 Things you need to know

  1. The figures in the statement are “as of April 30, 2017.” The statement doesn’t have any connection with your taxes, we just had to pick a date to issue it.

  2. All pension amounts, including your annual lifetime pension and bridge benefit, are adjusted for inflation each January. Your annual lifetime pension is what you’ll receive each year for the rest of your life. We also provide a bridge benefit over and above your annual lifetime pension amount. The bridge benefit ends the month after you turn 65, or earlier if you start a disability pension from the Canada Pension Plan.

  3. Your survivor benefits are determined by your spousal status at retirement. For example, if you remarry but still have a former spouse eligible for a survivor pension, your former spouse’s name is shown as your eligible spouse and eligible survivor.