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Top 4 retirement tips from Reel Retirement

May 04, 2016

Marion shared a lot of tips during her retirement journey in season 1 of Reel Retirement. We've curated our top 4. Check them out (and watch the corresponding episodes). Stay tuned for season 2 as Marion shares her transition to life on pension.

Here are the tips:

1. Get all of your dental work done while you still have employer benefits. 

Episode 5: Sink your teeth into it

2. Add up all of your expenses, and then use the pension calculator to see if you'll have enough.

Episode 4: The bottom line

3. If you're anticipating a gratuity, explore the different options to minimize the hit you'll take on your taxes.

Episode 10: Weighing the options

4. Retire when the situation is right for YOU and your personal situation.

Episode 19: Why not finish the school year?