Pension basics for occasional teachers

June 22, 2016

Still looking for a full-time, permanent position? Building a career can take time, but your pension doesn’t have to wait. Here are three things every occasional teacher needs to know:

  1. If you work more than 10 days in a school year, you earn a year of qualifying credit in the pension plan. Qualifying credit may help you retire sooner with an unreduced pension.
  2. Teaching summer school might help you to build credit in the plan, and eventually collect a larger pension. If you worked less than the 194 days in a typical school year, summer school will help you to bridge the gap in your credit. Any income earned above and beyond the 194 days is not pensionable.
  3. Every day that you teach counts. Download Classtime to keep track of where and when you worked, and whether you’ve been paid.