Pension applications made easy

February 05, 2016

You're in the home stretch. You've worked hard your entire career and now you're counting down the days until that final bell rings on the last day of school in June.

The onus is on you to apply for your pension. If you wait to apply until after your resignation date, you may lose pension payments. 

Take these four steps to ensure you don't have any hiccups when you apply for your pension online:

  1. Make sure you submit a resignation letter to your employer. You need to give this letter to your employer before your last day of work.
  2. Upload all of your documents to your online account. You can do this at any point during your career, even if you're years away from retiring. 
  3. Think about the survivor pension level you'll want to select if you have an eligible spouse or dependent children. The default is 60%, but this isn't necessarily a one-size-fits-all situation. If you expect your spouse to outlive you, and they're financially dependent on you, you may want to select a higher level (or a lower level if the opposite is true for your situation). 
    Tip: You can select a higher level at any time during your career. You can always change it back to 60% when you apply for your pension.
  4.  Apply for your pension online. Have a cheque handy when you do. We'll need your banking information so that we can set you up for direct deposit.
    Tip: Don't use cheques? Not a problem. Get a direct deposit form from your bank (some will even let you download it directly from their website). You can upload the form to your online Ontario Teachers' account, fax (416-730-7807) or email ( it to us.