Stepping stones of occasional teaching

May 22, 2015

As an occasional teacher, you're never quite certain what or where your next teaching job will be. For Sedannia, the opportunity to teach grade 8 for a full year presented a learning experience that she was happy to take on.

After we met Sedannia in 2012, she landed a few short-term leave placements, and last year she took on a long-term occasional (LTO) position. Being in the same classroom for a full year was a milestone she worked hard to hit. This year she's got another LTO, and she hopes that a permanent full-time position is around the corner.

"Occasional teaching for six years can really test your patience," Sedannia said.

"There were so many times I thought about giving up. The uncertainty of the situation almost holds you back from life – you hesitate to buy a house or to start a family."

But she knows that every day she works, and every placement she takes, moves her closer to that permanent position, and she's determined to stick with it.

The one certainty she can bank on is her pension, she added. "I'm so busy right now, I don't have a lot of time to pay attention to my pension. But I know it's there, and that my credit is adding up, especially now with my LTO."

The security of a defined benefit is one of the factors that kept her in the profession.

"I know now that I am going to stick with this career. I know that this is a great pension. It's probably going to be my biggest investment for my retirement."